Linux server support

Linux based operating systems power a large part of the Internet. Your Android phone runs it, as do the servers it connects to. It has a low cost of entry but applications can become complex easily and all of a sudden your nice little idea running on WordPress has grown into a business where 24/7 uptime is essential.

  • Keeping software up to date improves security and adds functionality.
  • Monitoring from inside and out helps in resolving issues, often before they occur.
  • Backups help provide business continuity in the event of server failure.
  • Plan for the future with advice on how to scale to meet demand.

There’s a still a space for small business to thrive with or without the big platforms and that’s the space I like to work in. It’s not to say that there aren’t big tools that help where needed either.

The service includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Securing servers
  • Setting up new sites
  • Installing software
  • Improving software performance
  • Hosting consultancy and liaison

The package includes:

  • Uptime monitoring for sites with notifications and one hour emergency response in business hours.
  • Site and configuration backups.
  • Consultancy on updates, improvements and new projects.
  • Additional support as required.

Service starts at £40 a month with a £40 set up charge. Primary communciation is by email and ticketing system, with chat and phone available by arrangement.

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