A Q&A about Serversonic.

1. What do you do?

A few things:

  • Full service system management – I will manage servers for you. The standard service involves system monitoring and backups, with interventions if required or requested, which can involve anything from adding a user to setting up a new site to setting up new servers.
  • Remote monitoring and support – system monitoring and uptime with notifications which you can request support for if you need it.
  • Server provisioning and setup – I can supply and set up servers from hosting services or indeed purchase them on your behalf. These can be ordered to your specifications or I can design them based on your needs. This can range from a VPS, to a Raspberry Pi to multi-terabyte storage servers, either on premises or in-house.
  • Site and email reliability testing – I can scan your website for vulnerabilities and other issues and provide a report. I can also fix server side problems arising from the report. Please note that the report is advisory and cannot be used to pass PCI-DSS or other security tests
    I can also test your email reliabillity and provide suggestions on how to improve that, including making changes for you Note: this is for self-hosted mail only
  • The Cloud Is Your Computer – Cloud type services on machines that you own on your own premises. I use small and cheap devices such as Raspberry Pis and refurbished PCs to provide services such as Nextcloud or even social media services like Mastodon with the added value of remote support and backups.

2. Do you provide 24 hour support?

As a one person company, this isn’t possible. I am always available in UK business hours and will respond to queries as soon as possible at any other time.

3. How much do you charge?

An idea of pricing is on each service’s page, but remote monitoring and notification starts at £40 a month excluding setup.

4. How do I get in touch?

Initially, use the Contact Form. For ongoing contact, preferred methods are the helpdesk, email and messaging. Phone calls and video conferencing are available by appointment.