Simon Greenwood

I have been a Unix and Linux system administrator for around 30 years, starting with Sun systems in the early days of the commercial Internet in the UK, as well as being a Linux user pretty much as long as running Linux on a PC has been a thing.

I have worked with Internet protocols for around the same amount of time, having built and managed web servers, mail servers, DNS servers, Usenet servers and pretty much anything else you can think of, working with everyone from small businesses to global organisations. In recent years I have supported businesses running a variety of applications, from ISPs to single WordPress sites via cPanel and other control panels and hand scripted systems to keep websites working.

I enjoy what I do, and enjoying working with people to make things happen. I’m based in Yorkshire and don’t travel for work any more, but the Internet is about making remote work possible.

I am rediscovering the fun of small scale personal networking again through the Fediverse as an alternative to large scale social networks, and I am a big fan of self-hosting and have hosted my own mail and web servers for many years and would also like to help other people set theirs up and get involved.

I’m married with a daughter, and when not fixing the Internet, go walking, make music and learn Welsh.